"Let's begin putting the pieces together to improve your life"

I used to think that I was a superwoman. I "got this" I thought to myself. However, after years of trying to be everything to everybody and not taking care of myself, I found myself drowning in a sea of dispair and not being truly happy. I was existing to do the daily and weekly routine things of life. I was not satisfied with my life holistically. I had a great career. Most of my career had been in leadership positions at various levels, teaching on the collegiate level, helping others with startup businesses, etc. However, I felt that I really had the ability and the desire to truly do more with my skillsets. I have always had family members and friends as well as colleagues come to me for guidance and direction on personal and professional matters. What better way to settle down and put this god given talent to use by becoming a life and career coach. Life can be like a roller coaster. Some of the rides we create ourselves, while some of them occur and are beyond our control. Either way, there is nothing too hard that we can not handle together. Come on let's partner and put those peices together to improve outcomes for ourselves and others.

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