Closed Doors

All of us from time to time have encountered a closed door. Sometimes we ask ourselves why? Well it's ok to ask why. However, it is more important to evaluate the experience and learn from it. We can choose various paths to attempt to get through the ordeal. We can mask the anger, hurt, and disappointment with self destructive behaviors, choose to put on a facade, or we can be transparent and seek God's guidance on the lesson and the next step. Additionally, we can choose to look at it through a lens of an obstacle or a new opportunity. Not all closed doors are bad. Often times God will make you uncomfortable in order for you to make a change. In other words, you have to "get tired of being sick and tired." Look forward to the new level that God is trying to elevate you to. Things to reframe from in order to move to the next level: 1) self sabotaging behaviors and thoughts 2) associating frequently with those that you know are not healthy for your spiritual, physical and emotional well-being 3) leaving God out of the equation 4) not setting goals 5) not holding yourself accountable for your actions 6) lack of action So what that door closed. Now is the time to move forward. No time for an extended pity party. It's time to turn the page. New chapter ladies and gentlemen. With that said, let's get it. Whatever "it" may be. Have a great day family! #higherlevelthinking

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