Change in Seasons

As I thought about the change in seasons, it was a reminder that elevation doesn’t happen without separation. As God lifts you up, don’t expect everyone to fly with you! Everyone who’s with you now won’t be able to handle the environment at the altitude God is getting ready to take you. When I think about a tree for example. The branches and leaves will begin to fall because they are no longer necessary for the season. When you are planted with Faith, hope, purpose, and God’s word as your trunk, it’s not required that you hold on to those branches and leaves that are no longer needed for you to be elevated. He has a plan for your life that is manifested by those falling leaves and branches. At first it may seem uncomfortable. But sometimes God has to make you uncomfortable so that you can hear from him and become ready for the next phase. Recognize when your season is up for certain things. What are the branches and leaves that need to fall or are already falling in your life that is required for you to reach your God given potential and the destiny designed specifically for you? Could it be lack of motivation, depression, low self-esteem, a sense of inferiority? What ever it is, shake it off and let’s get ready for miracles, deliverance, and a new thing. Are you ready to go to the next level?

Finally, remember don’t get on the elevator if you aren’t willing to press the button. This means take action. If your circle includes individuals that just want to jump on the elevator with you but are not willing or have the desire and motivation to go higher, it’s time to press the open door button and let them get off. Every elevator has a maximum capacity. When it has reached capacity, it’s time to move. Don’t allow your circle and the cares of this world to make your elevator malfunction.

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